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Ülker Çamlıca


Ülker Camlica

250 mL bottle



Ülker was established in 1944 as a cookie bakery by brothers Sabri and Asim Ülker. The original "Pötibör" biscuits are still popular. In the 1970s the company expanded into chocolate manufacturing, then later into dairy products, coffee, and many other food products.

In 2003 Ülker expanded into soda pops with the launch of Çamlıca and Cola Turka brands.


The first sip is impressively tasty. Sort of a Sprite generic citrus flavor, with candy in it. The drink is very sweet and candy-like. Snowflakes and pine trees on the label remind me of a crisp and refreshing winter breeze on this hot summer day.

Well, the winter breeze is wearing out its welcome. The flavor is way too sweet. Now it feels dusty on my tongue like cheap Smarties candies. The bottle is only 250mL, which is good because it's too overwhelmingly sugary and one-dimensional to want to drink much of it.

Good for sipping a pick-me-up of lemon & sugar, but the flavor is disappointingly boring before the tiny bottle is even finished.

fizz 3

refreshment 4

score 2

sweetness 5

flavor 3


Water, saccharose, glukosesyrup, carbondioxide, acidity substance (E330), acidity regulator (E331), nature identical flavours (lemon), preservative (E211).

Made by

Ülker / DELLA Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret - A.S. Akyan 54480 Sakarya
P.K. 366 Topkapi

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