Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

About the Scoring System

The author strives for a clear head and clear palate when taste-testing these beverages. Each soda is well chilled before opening, then poured into a glass for sampling. The first four aspects above are ranked according to an objective scale, while the final score is a completely subjective measure of the overall experience of sipping this beverage.

While rating these beverages, we assume that the purpose of all soft drinks is to lift the spirit, refresh the mind and soothe the body. Tasting exotic ingredients isn't always enjoyable. Our experiences of different flavors are influenced by nostalgia and previous food experiences. But while regional differences exist, this unwritten ideal of soft drinks is used as a point of comparison when rating the overall success or failure of each bottled beverage.

fizz x

refreshment x

score x

sweetness x

flavor x

The first four scoring variables are meant as objective qualifications of different aspects of the drink. The final score is an entirely subjective rating of whether the beverage was enjoyable and worthy of recommendation to others.


0 - No carbonation at all

1 - Flat beverage

2 - Less than average

3 - Average carbonation

4 - More than average

5 - Super bubbly action!


1 - Dry

2 - Less sweet than average

3 - Average sweetness

4 - Sweeter than average

5 - Gooey syrup


1 - A depressing experience

2 - Uninteresting drink

3 - An average sugary drink

4 - Stimulating flavors

5 - Wow! A kick in the pants!


1 - Not much more than water

2 - Somewhat diluted

3 - Average flavor

4 - Strong taste

5 - Concentrated jam-packed flavor

Overall Score

1 - Avoid this drink

2 - Not too exciting, a dull beverage

3 - Average soft drink

4 - Pleasurable drink, enjoyable

5 - Highly recommended. Go out of your way to try this one!