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Kristian Regále Lingonberry-Apple Sparkler


Kristian Regále Lingonberry-Apple

330 mL bottle

2.70 g sugar / oz.


Kristian Regale was established in 1987 in Hudson, Wisconsin by Nancy Bieraugel, who was inspired by the sparkling apple sodas she tasted while biking through Sweden. The original apple flavor was created in coordination with August Schell Brewery of New Ulm, MN (maker of 1919 Root Beer). In 2006 the company took on new investors to expand and relocated to New Jersey. Currently the drinks are bottled in Spain and in Cold Spring, MN.


Zippy carbonation: it's nearly bursting over the top of the glass in agitation or surprise on being poured out. But like the Peach Sparkler, this is not a strong flavor.

Lingonberries can be quite tart, like cranberry, and this a dry rather than sweet drink, similar to the Thorncroft Elderflower drink. It's more like the astringent flavor of a dry champagne.

Not a thirst-quenching soda, this is something to be sipped slowly along with hearty crackers and strong cheeses, maybe some Swedish smoked fish. Too bad I don't have any of those things in my fridge or cupboard right now.

fizz 4

refreshment 3

score 3

sweetness 1

flavor 4


Water, apple and lingonberry concentrates, sugar, natural flavors, carbon dioxide, citric acid.

Made by

Kristian Regale Inc.
4 Forest Avenue # 202
Paramus, NJ