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Monastyrskiy Kvas - Квас классический


Monastyrskiy Kvass

2 L bottle

1.50 g sugar / oz.



Kvas (Квас) is an ancient beverage that has been made for almost 1000 years in Russia and nearby countries. It can be brewed from simple ingredients such as leftover rye bread and yeast, sweetened with sugar, honey, birch sap, berries or fruit. Kvas is similar to the "small beer" made by early American colonists and root beer made by farm families in the U.S. It is mildly carbonated by the yeast fermenting the sugar, but is not aged long enough to more than a trace of alcohol.

In some cities in Russia, vendors sell kvas from small tanker trucks on the street, and homemade concotions are still popular. Nowadays it is also available in 2-liter bottles made in modern mass-production facilities.


What a surprising beverage! When I first looked at it in the cup I assumed it would be like a weak Dr. Pepper, but that first taste was definitely not what I'd expected.

The taste is unusual, so it brought up many associations: at first it was like liquid rye bread. Molasses seems the dominant flavor. But no, its more like delicious maple syrup, or nutty yeast, or honey. There are so many flavors in this stuff. At one moment it seems earthy and rich as a bread, the next it is sweet as a candy.

fizz 2

refreshment 4

score 4

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Rye malt concentrate, water, sugar.

Made by

Monastyrskiy Kvass Ltd
08132, Vyshneve, Kiev region, st. Industrial 5