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Omi's Apfelstrudel


Omi’s Apfelstrudel

250 mL bottle

3.08 g sugar / oz.



The label says this is made from natural apple juice and cinnamon. It does indeed taste like an apple strudel pastry! Is there a flavor of buttery pastry crust in here also? Apple and cinnamon and a little butter are enough to evoke the idea of a strudel.

I heated some to see what it tastes like as a warm drink, but it's not as good as a simple apple cider. For some reason it seems gooey and overly sweet as a hot drink. Most sweet ciders taste less sweet when heated, but this is the opposite. It tastes better cold.

An interesting and pleasant novelty drink, but maybe not worth going out of your way for.

fizz 0

refreshment 3

score 3

sweetness 4

flavor 4


100% apple juice, citric acid, natural cinnamon aroma.

Made by

Kendlbacher Getränkevertriebs GmbH.
Erzherzog-Johann-Straße 9