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Pakola Lychee


Pakola Lychee

330 mL can



Pakistan Beverage Ltd., founded by Haji Ali Muhammed, began production of Pakistan's first soft drink, Pakola, on August 14, 1950. One story says that the green drink was inspired by local refreshments sold by street vendors on hot summer days, with a recipe made from vanilla, chocolate and rosewater. In 1979 the company also began bottling Pepsi sodas as a franchisee.

In 1985 the family business was divided between descendants of Ali Muhammed, with Pakistan Beverage Ltd taking the Pepsi bottling plants and Gul Bottlers making Pakola for the rural market. Mehran Bottlers received the rights to sell Pakola in Karachi and the overseas market. Nowadays Pakola is available in original, lychee, orange, raspberry and lime flavors.


A zesty lychee-flavored soda. Zesty? I don't normally associate lychees with zest or zing. But this drink has a citrus-like punch with a round mellow lychee finish.

I do like the sparkly citrus flavor but I don't think the lychee is doing much good here. It's only a sad, dusty sort of fruit flavor that brings this drink down.

fizz 3

refreshment 4

score 3

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Sugar, treated carbonated water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, and sodium benzoate (as preservative).

Made by

Mehran Bottlers (Private) Ltd.
C-5A, S.I.T.E
Karachi, Pakistan

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