Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Spuma Nera


Spuma Nera

250 mL bottle

3.55 g sugar / oz.



This smells like some strong medicine. It's not as bitter as a Sanbitter, but more herbal in flavor than a Chinotto drink. A cola-like salty bitterness on my tongue, but without the sweet followup of a cola. Instead, my tongue is left with a tea sort of flavor. It's an interesting flavor but doesn't necessarily make for the most refreshing soft drink.

Despite the bitter herbal flavors, this is a mellow drink. The flavor is not especially punchy on the tongue. If it had more carbonation or more spice it would be a perkier flavor. The slight vanilla flavor dulls the edge of the sharper bitter herbs.

Maybe I should have shaken the bottle before opening it: there's a ring of sediment at the bottom of the bottle where perhaps some of the stronger flavors got left behind. I think I was expecting more from this drink with its cool label.

fizz 2

refreshment 2

score 2

sweetness 2

flavor 5


Water, cane sugar, lemon juice, natural plant extracts and infusions (orange peels, chinese rhubarb, spices, vanilla) caramel, carbon dioxide.

Made by

Birrificio Baladin S.R.L.
Localita' Prella, 60
Farigliano (CN)