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Tibetan Tea


Tibetan Tea

248 mL can

2.50 g sugar / oz.



Tibetan Tea was introduced in 2002 as alternative flavor energy drink using all natural ingredients. In 2009 the brand was sold to new owners and moved to Washington state. The drink's website was shut down in 2015, consigning this drink to the Island of Forgotten Flavors. The flavor and recipe of the drink bears no relationship to the tea served in Tibet, which is usually heavily flavored with yak butter and salt.


A very frothy beverage when I pour it into the glass. Weird, this tastes like a cross between Mountain Dew and an iced tea. Its very sweet, seems like it has a citrus flavor, lots of honey and only a slight earthy tang of tea leaves. Sometimes bottled or canned tea can have a stale flavor, but this is very fresh tasting.

After the carbonation frothed off and the drink sat for a few minutes, its gone pretty flat. But now I can smell and taste the tea flavor more. I guess it was just hiding behind the honey and sugar. This isn't a bad drink, its flavorful, refreshing, if a bit too sweetened for my taste. And I wish the carbonation had lasted longer.

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Sparkling water, sugar, citric acid, herbal tea, black tea, ginseng, guarana, ginger root, honey and natural flavors.

Made by

Tibetan Tea
40 Lake Bellevue Drive, #100
Bellevue, WA 98005