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Uludag Orange

Uludag Orange

250mL bottle

3.07g sugar / oz.


A mellow refreshing drink. Kind of charming, really – it makes me think of seaside outdoor cafes. Its not as zesty as Orangina or as juicy as Club Orange. This is just mellow & tasty.

There seems to be a hint of creamy smoothness to it – maybe its just the locust bean gum – that thickens and mellows the drink. It luxuriates on the tongue. Its refreshing in its coolness.

The orange isn't especially juicy or strong flavored and a bit artificial. Its more sour lemony citrus than orange. Everything about this drink is low key, mellow and relaxed.

Not something you'd guzzle on a hot day. And the bottle isn't too big either. Just big enough for a cool refreshing snack.

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Carbonated water, fructose syrup, orange juice (min. 4%), stabilizer: locust bean gum, acidulant: citric acid, preservative: (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), antioxidant agent: ascorbic acid, flavorings, colouring: beta carotene.

Made by

Erbak Uludag A.S.
Yeni Yalova Yolu 3. KM 16200