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Cascal Light Red Fermented Natural Soda


Cascal Light Red

330 mL bottle

0.63 g sugar / oz.


Cascal was a line of soda pops made from fermented fruit juices and herbal ingredients created by Coca-Cola in 2009. The drink was meant to be a dry, or lightly-sweetened soda that would stake out a middle ground between over-sweetened soda and fine-flavored wines. The drink was sold in cans in 2011, but disappeared to the Island of Forgotten Flavors the following year.


A frothy drink with a yeasty malt aroma. A crisp apple flavor with notes of black currant first hits the tongue, but it disappears quickly, leaving a sour malt flavor behind. It's got a complex earthy flavor but still a light-tasting beverage.

Not a strong-flavored drink, or excessively sweet. Other than the first sip it's kind of watery. The malt flavor makes it similar to Laziza or Fayrouz Apple, a bit like a non-alcoholic beer but with a less-strong malt beer flavor.

Most of the fizz is gone after the first few minutes. Probably could use a little more carbonation to keep this drink going, but less carbonation makes it taste more like a naturally-carbonated yeast drink, I suppose.

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Sparkling water, apple juice from concentrate, fermented barley malt, concentrated fermented pear and apple juices, lemon, black currant and pomegranate juices from concentrate, natural flavors, concentrated fermented cherry juice.

Made by

Nexstep Beverages LLC
for Coca-Cola
Houston TX 77027